Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor 12+1 Driver CIEM

The Multiverse Mentor is the newest successor in Mentor series after Mentor V3+, with brand new innovations and technologies.

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This product is a custom in-ear monitor that requires a scan or impression of your ear made by a professional audiologist or technician.

All product images are for reference only. The final appearance of your CIEM will differ based on your chosen design.

Minidisc offers end to end delivery of custom in-ear monitors including 3D scans, in-store demos, ordering and after sales service. Click here for more details and frequently asked questions about what to expect!


Please contact us BEFORE you get your impressions, and we will give you brand-specific instructions for obtaining impressions.

In partnership with Auricle Digital, Minidisc can now offer in-store impressions using the latest eFit 3D scanning technology. Click here for more details and to make a booking!

Minidisc also recommends NS Audiology for physical impressions - please mention us when making an appointment for a discount on your impressions.


The Multiverse Mentor is the newest successor in Unique Melody's Mentor series after Mentor V3+, with brand new innovations and technologies. It’s a new miracle created by UM engineers after years of effort. Multiverse represents a group of unknown universes formed after the Big Bang. The development of the brand-new Mentor is just like the forming of the multiverse — Unique Melody broke through all the traditional technologies and tuning to launch this shiny Nova into the audio multiverse.


All New Frequency Shift Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver

The frequency shift piezoelectric bone conduction driver is a brand-new driver developed specifically for the hearing frequency range of human ears. To ensure the driver’s performance, a conductive palladium slurry with high temperature resistance is applied to the vibrators, and a pure copper substrate is added on top of a double-sided ceramic layer. The performance of the bone conduction driver was also optimized by adjusting the internal structure of the cavity. In this way, UM's driver is more stable and the sense of vibration is more comfortable.


Frequency Shift Technology

The hearing frequency range of the human ear is usually 20-20000Hz, with low sensitivity to sounds below 20Hz and above 20 kHz. Frequency Shift technology reduces the resonant point of the device to less than 20KHz, which improves the sensitivity. The overall sensitivity is significantly improved in the original application environment, and the sound within the 20 to 20000Hz range is blended in a much more natural way.

The sensitivity of The Multiverse Mentor is greatly enhanced by the Frequency Shift piezoelectric bone conduction driver and Frequency Shift technology. The sound of Mentor is cleaner, stronger, and more focused.


12 Balanced Armature Drivers + 1 Frequency Shift Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver 

The Multiverse Mentor is equipped with 4 BA bass drivers that were specially hand tuned to enhance bass response. The Multiverse Mentor has deeper, more impactful bass as a result.


4 Bass + 2 Mids + 2 Mid-Treble + 4 Treble+ 1 Frequency Shift Bone Conduction

The 5-way crossover design gives each frequency range an independent driver group, with distinct levels of sound and rich details. In particular, the bone conduction driver features new Frequency Shift technology, which allows for a more immersive listening experience.


Customl Shells

Multiverse Mentor features advanced aviation-grade carbon fiber shells, with delicate 3D curved Banksia seed faceplates, inlaid with an ink-blue inner frame. Each shell is the result of meticulous production by master craftsmen and the crystallization of wisdom and technology. The shape conforms to ergonomic design, with the earphone's small housing and light weight contributing to good wearing comfort.

The Custom version of the Mentor Multiverse features carbon fiber shells, titanium frames and Banksia Seed Faceplates. The zirconia ceramic frame with jade texture after grinding has a beautiful finish, with strong hardness and wear resistance.

As each faceplate is made of natural seeds and resins, each Multiverse Mentor earpiece has a unique grain and appearance.

The inner frame is made of 3D printed titanium alloy material, and customers can customize the lettering on the titanium frame. The frame is available in: original Titanium Grey, Ceramic Black or Rose Gold.


Custom Cable

The Multiverse Mentor features a custom cable with Deep of Universe Shielding, composed of 4 cores of top of the line independently shielded cable from PW Audio. 26AWG silver plated copper wire ensures controlled sound through the entire response range.


Oval wire clamp

The configuration of the oval wire clip can accommodate multiple cables.

The wire clip is made of the same vegan leather material and color as the earphone leather case, which is simple and elegant in design and strong in practicability.

Headphones: One pair of The Multiverse Mentor CIEM

Cable: Deep Of Universe Custom Cable 

Case: UM “ESP" Double Drawer Blue Gift Box

Carrying Case: Dignis Navy Blue Leather Case

Warranty Card: Digital Warranty Card

Others: Premium Grey Cleaning Pad

Product Name: The Multiverse Mentor

Headphone Type: BA + Frequency Shift Bone Conduction Driver

Driver  Count: 12+1 Drivers

Socket: 2-Pin Socket

Sensitivity @1KHz: 114dB

Impedance: 22Ω

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz

Crossover: 5-way Crossover

Configuration: 4 Bass Drivers + 2 Mids Drivers + 2 Mid-Treble Drivers + 4 Treble Drivers + 1 Frequency Shift Bone Conduction Driver

Cable: Deep Of Universe Custom Cable 

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