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We have a complete range of hi-res Digital Audio Players from leading brands. Store, stream and play your music at the highest resolution. Buy online or in our Sydney store.

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  1. Fiio X5 3rd Gen Lossless Playback Portable Music Player
    As low as $499.95
    With wide range of music players, earphone, accessories and more, Fiio is well-known for raising the bar high in the...
  2. Astell & Kern A&norma SR15 Digital Audio Player
    Special Price $850.00 was $999.00
    The Astell & Kern A&Norma SR15 is part of Astell & Kern’s new 2018 line up of premium digital audio...
  3. Sony NWWM1A 128 GB High-Resolution Walkman
    Special Price $1,249.00 was $1,349.00
    Sony NWWM1A streams high-resolution audio that is even higher in quality than what a CD delivers. 
  4. Sony NWWM1Z 256 GB Walkman with High-Resolution Audio
    Don’t just listen the sound, feel it, with Sony NWWM1Z. It is a premium Walkman that offers high-resolution sound...
  5. Fiio M3k Digital Audio Player
    As low as $109.95
  6. Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000 High-End Portable Player
    As low as $3,999.00 was $4,998.00
    A&ultima SP1000 is a high-end, powerful music player engineered for excellent audio experience through...
  7. Sony NWZX300 Walkman with High-Resolution Audio
    The latest Walkman from Sony is an MP3 player. It features high-resolution audio. The standard connection is balanced...
  8. Fiio M7 Digital Audio Player
    As low as $299.95
  9. Fiio X7 Mark II
    The Fiio X7 2nd Gen MP3 player! This advanced, Android-based Digital Audio player 
  10. Cowon PLENUE 2 High-Quality Digital Audio Player
    Exhibiting a sleek yet smart design, the Plenue 2 brings a whole new perspective to the way analogue wheels are...
  11. Astell & Kern CT10 ACTIVO Digital Audio Player
    Special Price $349.00 was $449.00
  12. Fiio M6 Digital Audio Player
    A tremendously feature rich app in a cute, compact form factor, the Fiio M6 redefines what is possible at this price...
  13. Fiio M9 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player
    As low as $439.95
    Don't let the size of the Fiio M9 fool you, it is packed with a whole host of features.
  14. Cowon PLENUE 2 Mark II 256gb Digital Audio Player
    The Cowon Plenue 2 mk2 is a premium audio device that lets you listen to your favourite songs with the highest audio...
  15. Cowon Plenue J 64GB Hi-Res Music Player
    As low as $359.00
    The matchless sound that transcends clarity is the hallmark of Cowon’s Plenue J. The 24-bit DAC is the driving...
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