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Check out our range of cables and adapters to suit your device. We have a range of spare cables and charging adapters from manufacturers such as Cowon, FiiO, Samsung and more.

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  1. Fiio RM1 Bluetooth Remote Controller
    The FiiO RM1 is a multifunctional Bluetooth remote controller.
  2. iFi iEMATCH Micro Headphone Matcher
    The iEMatch® solves the bane of headphone listening by removing hiss and improving dynamics.
  3. AudioQuest Forest Optical Audio Cable
    As low as $40.00
    These days, the audio frontier becomes dynamic with the support of HDMI, USB, FireWire and Ethernet connections. Even...
  4. Fiio DK1 Multifunction Dock
    The Fiio DK1 is being offered as a multi-function dock that can be used with Fiio`s ever expanding catalogue of...
  5. Fiio L17 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable
    The L17 from Fiio is audiophile grade audio cable with L-shaped 3.5mm audio jack on both ends.
  6. FiiO L16 Professional 3.5mm to 3.5mm Short Cable
    The L16 from Fiio is professional grade audio cable with 3.5mm audio jack on both ends. Fiio is a renowned name in the...
  7. Sennheiser BTD 800 USB Bluetooth Dongle
    A very high-performance PC dongle, which works just amazingly with the Presence headset
  8. Astell & Kern CD Ripper MKⅡ
    The AK CD-RIPPER MKⅡ allows for convenient, smooth CD ripping with its simple connectivity and setup options.
  9. Chord Mojo Cable Pack
    Chord Electronics Limited is the renowned name in the niche of high-end audio products. Chord has marked a strong...
  10. Audioquest Dragon Tail USB Adaptor for Android Devices
    Designed especially for android devices, the DragonTail USB Adaptor is intended to trigger USB Host Mode on any...
  11. Sennheiser Flex 5000
    The objective of Sennheiser’s Flex 5000 is to offer a listening experience that’s all your own
  12. AudioQuest Cinnamon Micro USB Cable
    High-performance entry level cable that offers high-definition digital sound and is compatible with PCs, DACs, and...
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