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Custom Unique Melody MEST MKIII CF 10 Driver CIEM

The custom MEST MK III CF's stunning sound comes from the fusion of four driver types: BA, dynamic, EST and bone conduction

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This product is a custom in-ear monitor that requires a scan or impression of your ear made by a professional audiologist or technician.

All product images are for reference only. The final appearance of your CIEM will differ based on your chosen design.

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Four Exclusively Tuned Driver Technologies

With the MEST MKIII CF, you'll discover a fusion of four distinct driver types. Low frequencies are handled by a dynamic driver, while mid and high frequencies are delivered by BA drivers. Ultra-high frequencies are taken care of by an electrostatic driver, and the silver-palladium alloy piezoelectric bone conduction drive ensures complete frequency coverage. The outcome is exceptional layering and separation, delivering holographic imaging and captivating 3D presentation.

Experience the profound resonance of impactful bass, the rich texture of the midrange, and the vivid brilliance of beautiful treble, reflected with precision and clarity. The MEST MKIII CF stands as a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of IEMs, captivating listeners with its flawless tuning and innovative driver configuration. At the core of its cohesiveness lies the silver-palladium alloy piezoelectric bone conduction driver, harnessing the bone conduction effect across the entire frequency spectrum. This integration results in a precisely balanced and immersive sound, offering a comprehensive and remarkable audio experience.

Tuning Optimization

The MEST MKIII CF employs bone conduction technology, harnessing the lateral vibrations of the cavity to directly transmit sound to the inner ear through contact with the skull, bypassing the traditional nozzle pathway. With an exceptional frequency response range spanning from 20Hz to 70kHz, the MEST MKIII CF exhibits remarkable versatility. The dynamic and BA drivers handle the 20Hz to 20kHz range, while the electrostatic drivers excel in the 10kHz to 70kHz range. The silver palladium alloy bone conduction system provides full frequency compensation between 500Hz to 16kHz. Through the harmonious interplay of air transmission and vibration transmission, the MEST MKIII CF delivers an entirely new dimension of sound quality. With its innovative and competitive features, the MEST MKIII CF stands out as a true audio marvel.

Custom Cable

The MEST MKIII CF incorporates newly designed cables. These cables are crafted with a pure 4-core OCC copper construction, featuring a nylon sleeve and an environmentally friendly soft PVC coating. With a 26AWG gauge, these cables offer ultra-low resistance and minimal distortion, resulting in the utmost clarity and a remarkably clean audio backdrop. Terminals are available in 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm.

Custom In Ear Monitor Version

The custom fit version of the MEST MK III CF provides the freedom to choose colors from the UM color plate and personalize the IEMs with a custom logo. Additionally, it is also possible to customize the style and color to match that of the universal fit version.

  • Packaging And Accessories
  • Headphones: One Pair Of MEST MKIII CF CIEM
  • Headphone Cable
  • Case: UM Geometrix Blue Box
  • Carrying Case: Emerald Leather Case
  • Warranty Card: Warranty Card
  • Others: Premium Grey Cleaning Pad
  • Protective Bag: Double Pocket Sandwich Net Bag
  • Product Name: MEST MKIII CF CIEM
  • Headphone Type: Dynamic + BA + Electrostatic + Bone Conduction Quadbrid IEMs
  • Configuration: 1 Dynamic Bass Driver + 2 BA Mid Drivers + 2 BA treble Drivers + 4 EST Ultra - High Drivers +1 UM patented Silver-Palladium Alloy Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver
  • Driver Count: 10 Drivers
  • Crossover. 5-Way Crossover
  • Socket: 2-Pin Socket
  • Impedance: 14 Ohms
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-70kHz

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