Final Audio A3000

The A3000 started by establishing a new development and production base in order to achieve a level of sound quality that cannot be achieved at this price.

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The A3000 started by establishing a new development and production base in order to achieve a level of sound quality that cannot be achieved at this price. We have newly designed a 6mmΦ dynamic driver, including not only parts but also production equipment. The sound quality is designed based on the research results, even though the final evaluation method established at the time of development of the flagship earphone A8000 was further evolved. It features an overwhelmingly natural sound that is localized so that each sound emerges with a contour in the low range that spreads slowly.

Achievements of new sound quality evaluation method
The development of the A series began with the establishment of a new evaluation method by analyzing the relationship between sound quality and physical characteristics, and the result was the A8000. The A3000 has further evolved that evaluation method. We listen to music recorded in different qualities at different volumes. However, in the conventional evaluation method, it is common to perform subjective evaluation under the condition that the sound pressure that presents the sound is fixed, and it is difficult to judge a good sound that matches the actual product audition. Therefore, as a result of a new research targeting an evaluation method that matches the actual music listening situation, we believe that we were able to produce a product that can be said to be the definitive edition in this price range.

Equipped with a completely newly designed driver unit "f-Core DU" that has reviewed all of the design, parts, and production technology
In order to realize high sound quality that cannot be achieved in this price range, we have set up a new base overseas and newly designed driver parts such as diaphragms, voice coils, magnets, magnetic circuits, adhesives for each part, and even production equipment, and completely renewed. We have developed the designed 6mmφ dynamic driver unit "f-Core DU". The material of the driver front housing is brass, which is less affected by magnetic force and has a higher specific gravity than general aluminum. In order to improve the time response performance of the diaphragm, the voice coil uses an ultra-fine CCAW of 30μ, and the moving parts are thoroughly reduced in weight by assembling with the minimum amount of adhesive. Furthermore, by carefully pressing the diaphragm in a small lot of about 1/3 of the normal size, pressure bias is minimized and uniform diaphragm molding without distortion is achieved.

A feeling of wearing as if customized
The A3000 achieves a better fit based on the housing design, which is the optimum solution for IEM established in the development of the B series. Whether or not the earphones are comfortable to wear depends on the feeling of oppression. At first glance, the method of holding with the repulsive force of silicon, such as ergonomically selecting an organic shape, seems to be correct, but it always puts force on the ear, which puts a strain on the ear without noticing it, and fatigue accumulates. To do. Compared to the shape that is organic and comes into contact with the ear on a large surface, the shape that limits the contact area aims for a comfortable fit without feeling oppressive. The A3000 housing can be held at three points for a stable fit. There will be a total of 3 points: 1 point for the pink part (ear pocket), 1 point for the green part (earpiece), and 1 point for the blue part (tragus) in the figure below. Therefore, it fits many ears. If there is no oppressive feeling at all points of contact, you can feel that wearing earphones is so comfortable, and it is an excellent wearing feeling as if it were a customized earphone.

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