Fiio K11 Desktop DAC / Headphone Amp with 4.4mm Balanced Output

A slim, capable desktop amp at an astounding price!

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Truly Balanced Desktop Amp At An Amazing Price

The Fiio K11 sets a new bar for desktop headphone amp/DACs, delivering up to 1400mW from the 4.4mm balanced output in a slim, attractive design at a fantastic price point.

A Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs

The K11 features USB*, optical and coaxial inputs as well as 4.4mm, 6.35mm, RCA line, and coaxial outputs*. Having more inputs and outputs than other typical entry-level amps means the K11 is more than capable of meeting your needs of putting together a capable audio setup.

*coaxial input and output is shared on the same connector. Coaxial output is only available when using USB input.

Impressive Power Output

With a 32Ω load, the K11 is capable of pushing 1400mW with its 4.4mm balanced output. This allows it to easily drive many HiFi earphones and headphones to fully unlock their potential.

3 gain levels, 3 volume curves

The K11 has 3 separate gain levels, with each gain level having its own volume curve. This allows the K11 to give you a better listening experience with various types of headphones, whether you are using sensitive earphones or harder to drive over-ear headphones.

Specially-designed audio circuit and power supply

Within the K11’s slim build lies a specially-designed audio circuit designed for great sound quality. This is backed by more than 16 low-noise LDOs for precise voltage stabilization and powered by an external 12V switching power supply. All of this leads to a purer and more robust supply of power, leading to stable high-quality audio and thus a truly enjoyable music experience all of the time.

  • Wide range of inputs and outputs
  • Up to 1400mW power output (balanced output)
  • 3 gain levels with seperate volume curves
  • Specially designed audio circuit and power supply
  • Supports 384kHz/32bit, DSD256 formats
  • Slim build
  • Custom VA display
  • Adjustable RGB logo lighting
  • Multi-function knob
  • Driver-free operation
  • FiiO K11
  • Power Adapter (including AC cable)
  • USB A to C cable
  • 6.35mm adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card



Maximum supported sampling rate 384 kHz-32bit/DSD256 native support 16/24/32bit (USB DAC)
192kHz-24bit (coaxial)
96KHz-24bit (fiber)
Hardware solution

DAC: CS43198


about 407g

Knob Encoder knob (including volume adjustment and confirmation key)
Digital Coaxial Input Interface RCA Socket
Digital Fiber Input Interface fiber optic socket
Balanced output interface 4.4mm socket
USB Type-C (Data Transfer)
Digital coaxial input interface RCA socket
Headphone output interface Standard 6.35 mm socket
Single-ended line output interface RCA socket
Power supply DC 12V/2A
THD+N <0.00035%(1kHz/-0.3dB@10KΩ)
Crosstalk ≥ 120dB
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 50kHz: attenuation <0.1dB
SNR ≥ 126dB (A-weighted)
Noise Floor <0.9uV(A weight)
Line Level 1.95Vrms
Continuous undistorted output power 1 L+R≥720mW +720mW(16Ω,THD+N<1%)
Continuous undistorted output power 2 L+R≥520mW +520mW(32Ω,THD+N<1%)
Continuous undistorted output power 3 L+R≥60mW+60mW (300Ω,THD+N<1%)
Noise floor <2μV(dbA)
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 50kHz: attenuation <0.2dB
Output impedance <1Ω(32Ω)
THD+N <0.00059%(1kHz/-8.1dB@32Ω)
SNR ≥ 123dB (A-weighted)
MAX Output Voltage 12Vp-p
Continuous undistorted output power 1 L+R≥570mW+570mW (16Ω,THD+N<1%)
Continuous undistorted output power 2 L+R≥1400mW+1400mW (32Ω,THD+N<1%)
Continuous undistorted output power 3 L+R≥250mW+250mW (300Ω,THD+N<1%)
Noise floor <4.9uV(A weight)
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 50kHz: attenuation <0.2dB
Output impedance <2.4Ω
THD+N <0.0004% (1 kHz/32Ω/dbA)
SNR ≥ 123dB (A-weighted)
MAX Output Voltage 24.5Vp-p

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