Elysian Acoustic Labs

Elysian Acoustic Labs was incorporated by Lee in 2016 to officially receive reshell orders. After reshelling countless IEMs, Lee is more than ready to take on what seemed impossible at that point in time - a totally self-crafted IEM with his very own house sound, something very different from mass market options. Elysian participated in the 2019 Fujiya Avic X Foster Alliance Program IEM making competition and easily defeated its competitors, earning itself the revered First Place award with the DIO IEM. From the persistence of pursuing audio excellence, Lee managed to achieve the Elysian he is looking for. With the same persistence found in the earlier days, Elysian aims to deliver the best unique IEM for the HeadFi community and to continuously innovate and lead in this field. Ultimately deriving a strong and powerful brand message - Make No Compromises.
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