Stereonet Melbourne 2023


Stereonet Hi-Fi & AV Show Melbourne 2023 

Fri 20th - Sun 22nd Oct

Minidisc is pleased to invite you to the Headzone listening space to the 2023 Stereonet Hi-Fi & AV Show at the Pullman Hotel in Melbourne Oct 20 - 22nd.

We will be presenting the latest products from 64 Audio, Auris, Bowers & Wilkins, Dan Clark Audio, Denon, Earmen, Effect Audio, Fir Audio, HiBy, iBasso, Meze, Sennheiser, Sony, STAX, Ultimate Ears, Unique Melody, Vision Ears and ZMF!

Entry to the Headzone headphone lounge will be FREE. For more information and tickets to access the other amazing Hi-Fi products featured at the Stereonet show, head over to

3D Scans for CIEMs / Earplugs

Minidisc is partnering with Auricle Digital to feature 3D ear scans at the 2023 Stereonet Melbourne Show, October 20-22nd! We will be offering a reduced price for our scanning services, as well as special package prices with CIEM orders.

To learn more about 3D scanning service, click here.

Slots are limited, so reserve your scan through the link below!

Promotion Applicable Models
$150 Scan

64 Audio: A3s, A3t, A4t

Ultimate Ears: UE 5 / 6 / 7 Pro


64 Audio: A6t, N8

Fir Audio: 5x5

Ultimate Ears: UE 11 / RR / 18+

FREE Scan + Minidisc File Hosting*

Minidisc will keep your scan on file for future CIEM orders.

64 Audio: A18s, A18t

Fir Audio: M4, M5, NE4, KR5, XE6, RN6

Ultimate Ears: LIVE, Premier

For any of these packages, you can pay an additional $150 to own the 3D scan file outright.

If you wish to get a scan for a CIEM model which Minidisc is not offering a promotion on, we are offering $50 off our standard scanning prices:

Single CIEM Scan: $200 / Outright File: $350

Introducing: 3D Printed Earplugs with Frequency Neutral Noise Attenuation!

Auricle EarplugsAuricle Earplugs

Minidisc is excited to announce the introduction of Auricle Digital's 3D printed earplugs with variable and frequency neutral noise attenuation at Stereonet Melbourne 2023.

Get the ultimate in noise isolation and comfort, while still being able to hear concerts and conversations with fidelity!

These earplugs will be available in both hard acrylic and soft silicone variants, with a range of attentuation options. Visit Headzones to get your 3D scan and make a pre-order at the show!

Variant Price
Hard Acrylic with optional choice of -10dB / -15dB / -20dB / Full Block attenuator

$500 including 3D ear scan service*

Soft Silicone with optional choice of -10dB / -15dB / -20dB / Full Block attenuator

$550 including 3D ear scan service*

* You will also be entitled to use this 3D scan for 1 custom in-ear monitor from Minidisc, as well as future Auricle Digital products. You may request the 3D scan file to be issued to you outright for an additional $150 fee.