JH Audio

In 1994-1995, in-ear monitor technology was in its infancy and not in widespread use in touring as it is today. As Van Halen’s monitor engineer, Jerry was presented with a challenge to find technology that would work for drummer Alex Van Halen. He began to investigate and then to innovate. After trying (and quickly discarding) the available in-ear options, Jerry funneled his experience tuning large arena sound systems and engineered the first 2-way, custom-fit earpiece just for Alex.

From the day Jerry Harvey turned his focus to creating an IEM for Alex Van Halen to use on stage, he has been advancing the art and science of Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs).

While Jerry would be the first one to admit he did not invent the CIEM, he is credited with inventing the first multi-driver CIEM. Through his inventions, he has made significant strides in advancing IEM technology and changing the industry from rare use of IEMs to today’s norm of everyone from local bands to the largest touring acts in the world having a set or two in their gearbox.

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