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Testimonial by: mike sassi

Date added:

i ordered my cowon mp3 player with the effortless help of staff member Mr Wing. Minidisc as a company is well organised and pleasant to deal with . Thank you Mike

Testimonial by: Keith Lam

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10/10 no complaints here. I had ordered a Beyerdynamics custom one pro and had issues with my credit card however Minidisk provided excellent quality customer service, very helpful, patient and most of all quick dispatch and delivery after issues were sorted out. Would reccomend to anyone and will not hesitate to purchase from here again.

Testimonial by: Murray R

Date added:

I am gradually updating my old vinyl records to MP3 format. I have an old stereo (that is still excellent) but it does not have a USB port or a Memory Card so I needed a Digital Music Player that has a Line-out function so that I can plug it into the RCA auxiliary port of my stereo for playback. The big stores could not assist and they even doubted that such a product exists. I Google searched and Minidisc came to my rescue with the Fiio X1 player. I placed my order and received the product the next day, amazingly quick service. The FiiO X1 perfectly reproduces my old vinyl records as though they are new, its terrific! Thank you very much for your help Minidisc.

Testimonial by: John Kahler

Date added:

Seeing as Iím an exceptionally light sleeper who gets woken up by a pin dropping on the carpet, I wanted some good quality noise cancelling headphones to use in the morning, if I woke up from sleeping. Well, I busted my butt going around Sydney, trying to find a particular model of Audio-Technica ones, which I read a comparison review about first. I went to 12 different stores and found nothing in that brand except for little bud type ones. So I said, stuff this! I'm going to MiniDisc Australia when I get home, and order the things from them! :-) What did I find? A huge range of them! And even though the model I was looking for wasn't there, I found a newer, updated model, which I got. (ATH-ANC9) Not only that, it was reduced in price and came with a free inflatable pillow and eye mask! I got my Cowon S9 here 5 years ago, and knew the service would be good once again! I ordered the headphones on Monday night with the $16 overnight shipping, and they turned up today (Wednesday) at about 8:00 in the morning! So yay for the speedy postage! I got various notifications yesterday (Tuesday) and ran into no trouble at all. :-) The ordering procedure was all straight forward. So yep, Iíll shop here again for the next tricky-to-find item I want.

Testimonial by: mike young

Date added:

I bought an mp3 player this eek.The service and communication lines are very good,polite abd helpful. i am very satisfied. Living in Queensland one cannot complain about the service because often there is no service. Minidisk is exemplary in their delivery. Thanks to staff. Mike

Testimonial by: Henry

Date added:

I am a long time customer of Minidisc and i must say service from Minidisc is top notch. Wing is an honest and helpful person to deal with - ALWAYS ! He patiently listens to requirements and advice accordingly - when necessary. Very good knowledge of products as well. Did i mention their quick service ( next day delivery rocks ! :yo: )? Recently i bough few gadgets ATH IM70, Senn HD800, Cowon P1 and the Sony MDR10RBT. Not only very reasonable deals , i can buy with confident knowing i have somewhere to turn into if anything goes wrong. Will be back for more business and will happily refer to friends and family.

Testimonial by: Brenten

Date added:

Have ordered about 15 sets of Fiio SE-1 replacement cables over the course of the last 6 months, and they have been very prompt and professional with communication, both by phone and email. Good shipping and ordering time-frames, and I have even used in-store pickup before. Excellent service and good products.

Testimonial by: William

Date added:

My first Minidisc purchasing experience was very satisfying, not only because shipping was free. When I enquired about delivery date I received a very prompt and helpful reply...followed by emails estimating the date, and ultimately reporting dispatch of the item. I'll be a return customer.

Testimonial by: Simon O

Date added:

Ordered a pair of headphones from Minidisc. Great price, excellent service and quick delivery time. The product is perfect, exactly what I ordered with no issues. No complaints here, 10/10

Testimonial by: Peter

Date added:

Fantastic range of headphones which seems to be getting bigger. Service is 10/10. Showroom has a great range of headphones to trial. I bought a pair of hd800s after popping in to the showroom a number of times to demo headphones that I had read/heard about and that Wing there was pointing me towards. Absolutely no pressure to buy and no pressure to limit the time I could spend demoing the products. Prices are extremely competitive too. I certainly have bought a few things there at prices below what other stores and sites offer. My goto store for audio gear without a doubt.

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