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Testimonial by: J

Date added:

Diverse product range. If you can’t find some audio tech in a regular retail store, odds are these guys have it. Loving my new Fiio X3, 2nd gen.

Testimonial by: Kev

Date added:

First time customer. Their impressive reputation online from customers prompted me to give them a try. I'm impressed. A minor glitch with payment (my fault) was promptly solved by phone on Monday morning and my package arrived next day. The price was right, the item was as described and it arrived safely courtesy of Australia Post. Highly recommended ... I'll be back. Kev from Coalcliff.

Testimonial by: Sunny

Date added:

This is my first purchase, a Phillips fidelio X2 which I have received today, I am pleased with the service so far. My online order was processed quickly with speedy delivery and updated immediately with notification about the status of my order. My package was received in two days without any visible damage. I was concerned when I read rumors online of users encountering defects with their X2s when Gibson acquired woox (swapped L/R channels, rumors of glued earcups affecting performance and other issues). I tested my new headphones the moment I got hands on them and to my relief they seem to work splendidly. I feel secure in that I have around 21 days to return my product should I encounter any major defects. If I were to make another purchase I will consider Minidisc first for repeat buisness, keep up the good work

Testimonial by: Henry

Date added:

Just wanted to drop a thank you note to Minidisc . Absolutely fantastic service . Wing's product knowledge and level of understanding about customers requirement is top notch. I recently purchased Ibasso DX80. Goes very well with Senn HD650 and ATH IM02. Cowon Plenue P1 is still the best though :p Fastest service and awesome price as usual. Thanks Wing - will be back soon :)

Testimonial by: Rob

Date added:

I've made a few purchases from Minidisc and put simply: they're awesome! I've contacted their customer service multiple times via email, phone and online chat and it's always been excellent service. Their money back guarantee is also brilliant: I returned one pair of headphones because I didn't find them comfortable and Minidisc made the returns process a breeze. I will definitely purchase from Minidisc again.

Testimonial by: TK

Date added:

Purchased a pair of ATH ANC9. Shipping was fast. Communication was excellent. The headphones well... for what it is worth I rate them very highly. Noise cancelling up there with the big known brands but musicality superior to the big brands. Name starting with B. Get yourself a pair you won't be disappointed for the $$$

Testimonial by: Alex T

Date added:

Ordered some headset, 12 pm and it was dispatched at 4, got it the next day. First time customer and I will certainly buy more from minidisc! Thanks a lot!

Testimonial by: jeremy hunter

Date added:

I had been looking at the Marantz HD-DAC1 for a few months and asked Wing a couple questions about the dac and then bit the bullet and bought it on a tuesday and by the thursday it was in my hot little hands (Im in Perth ). So only 2 days and it was delivered , excellent service by the guys at Minidisc. They deliver on their promises. I recommend them highly and will use them again ps Oh by the way the fostex TH-X00 sounds amazing with the dac

Testimonial by: mikedaly

Date added:

Ordered a pair of headphones quick were despatched within two hours of payment and arrived the very next day. Excellent customer service over the phone with no pressure to buy. Thanks very much guys!

Testimonial by: Glen C

Date added:

I recently purchased Sennheiser HD650 headphones and an iBasso D14 DAC/Amp from Minidisc. The service was absolutely fantastic, very knowledgeable with no pressure at all and plenty of time to listen. The store probably has more headphones per metre than any other store in Aus- it even has a coat rack covered in headphones as you walk through the door. Great range of headphone amps as well, so you can mix and match combinations right there in the store. Well worth visiting if nearby, though I know from friends the mail order service is excellent as well. A hidden gem in Chatswood!

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