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Testimonial by: Alex T

Date added:

Ordered some headset, 12 pm and it was dispatched at 4, got it the next day. First time customer and I will certainly buy more from minidisc! Thanks a lot!

Testimonial by: jeremy hunter

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I had been looking at the Marantz HD-DAC1 for a few months and asked Wing a couple questions about the dac and then bit the bullet and bought it on a tuesday and by the thursday it was in my hot little hands (Im in Perth ). So only 2 days and it was delivered , excellent service by the guys at Minidisc. They deliver on their promises. I recommend them highly and will use them again ps Oh by the way the fostex TH-X00 sounds amazing with the dac

Testimonial by: mikedaly

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Ordered a pair of headphones quick were despatched within two hours of payment and arrived the very next day. Excellent customer service over the phone with no pressure to buy. Thanks very much guys!

Testimonial by: Glen C

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I recently purchased Sennheiser HD650 headphones and an iBasso D14 DAC/Amp from Minidisc. The service was absolutely fantastic, very knowledgeable with no pressure at all and plenty of time to listen. The store probably has more headphones per metre than any other store in Aus- it even has a coat rack covered in headphones as you walk through the door. Great range of headphone amps as well, so you can mix and match combinations right there in the store. Well worth visiting if nearby, though I know from friends the mail order service is excellent as well. A hidden gem in Chatswood!

Testimonial by: Wolfgang

Date added:

I purchased several times from Minidisc. One flagship headphone, headphone amp and portable player. Always fast delivery with very good tracking info. Excellent customer service. Had to change a headphone because of amp mismatch and the exchange was easy without any problems. Also had to get some technical info from a manufacturer and they addressed that straight away. Strongly recommend!

Testimonial by: Xenon Lane

Date added:

I have only just made my purchase so this is a review of the service. Saturday evening I made my purchase of Audio Technica m50x headphones accidentally purchasing the black variation instead of the dark green/brown colour scheme. I sent an email straight after explaining the mistake I had made not expecting a response until Monday during business hours, however only and hour or so later I got a reply saying its was fixed. The next day it occurred to me that I hadn't given my P.O. Box number either so to rectify this I sent another email. Sure enough I quickly got a reply saying it was fixed keep in mind this was a Sunday afternoon. I was also told it would be sent out on Monday and I got confirmation of this as well as a receipt. So I would like to personally thank Wing Li for dealing with my blunders so swiftly and highly recommend using this site to purchase their products.

Testimonial by: Ievgen

Date added:

I bought Koss PRO 4 C very pleased with purchase!!! especially liked the service on minidisc thank you very much!

Testimonial by: Eddie

Date added:

Bought a zx100 and a pair of SE215 last week to add to the AKGs and HA2 I bought earlier in the year. Hands down the best store for headphones and portable audio in Sydney. The range of equipment to try is amazing and Wing does his best to recommend based on your music choice and budget. There's also never pressure to buy or the pretentious attitude you get from some other stores. There's a wall of headphones to one side and DAPs on the other with chairs in the middle for you to chillout and take your time trialling. Thanks again and love the functional showroom!

Testimonial by: MalloryR

Date added:

I purchased Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones from Minidisc. I was suprised that they actually had them in stock as they were sold out in most other places. Their prices are very competitive and after ordering the item on Friday I received it early Monday morning. I was very pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone

Testimonial by: Austin

Date added:

Purchased the HiFiMAN HE1000 from today. Having a showroom in Sydney was fantastic as I was able to try out the headphones before purchase. The store is open on Saturdays which was very convenient as I work full time on weekdays. I was running late and I called ahead as I was concerned that I wouldn't get to the store before it closed and Wing Lin said that he would wait for me. I got to the store just in time. Wing Lin was helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. I saw a wide range of audio equipment at the store and I was welcome to use my own audio device to test out the headphones. However, a Galaxy S6 Edge wouldn't do the headphones justice so I used the audio equipment at the store to audition the headphones. The HE1000's are worth every cent! The reviews and awards are accurate. The sub bass and rumble was shockingly good and simply reading about it didn't prepare me for hearing the real thing. As I was going to pay over $4,000 for a pair of headphones I would have been reluctant to buy it from a purely online store. Having a showroom meant that has a physical store and I found that more trustworthy than a purely online operation. They've also been in business for a long time. I highly recommend and I look forward to making future purchases with them.

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